Friday, June 29, 2012

life lately via instagram.

a picture's worth a thousand words, right?  . . .

-One of my favorite braids. so much easier with straight hair.
-Torrey took apart the entire inside of the car to put some sound-deadening material in. Sometimes he's too handy for his own good.
-Visiting Dad at work. his office is dripping with pictures and memorabilia. I made him a pencil holder when i was like in pre-school. It's been sitting on a shelf in his office for the past 18 years or so.
-Desert sunrise on the way to Utah.

-We made a short trip to see Torrey's parents in Toquerville. Six hours of napping driving. 
-I love getting a sneak peak into my husband's childhood. Twelve-year old Torrey had big hands!
-View from the emerald pools in Zion National Park. gorgeous.
-Our first married hike on an absolutely beautiful day.

-Got a new watch. Obsessed with Fossil lately.
-Made tomato sauce from scratch for the first time. I was surprised how easy it was to make (and way tastier than store-bought. try it!)
-Snickerdoodles for my primary sub.
-Our first Angel's game. I think its an Orange County requirement to attend at least one game. Torrey's work gave him free tickets that were right behind (and i mean right behind) home plate. 

We just got back from our trip to the Bay- of which we fell completely in love with. I'll be sure to tell you all about it soon :)

(and go find me on instagram!) @noellepp

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Friday Wednesday!

I know the calendar says Wednesday, but for Norrey it's a Friday! Tomorrow we leave for June road trip #2: San Francisco!
  I am so excited to explore one of my favorite cities with the hubs. I plan on being a full-blown tourist, ohh-ing and ahh-ing at all the great sites. So when real Friday comes, I hope you have a great weekend! I know we will :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad's Day

Needless to say, I love my Dad. I am thankful for the qualities of his that I see in myself.  He is kind, compassionate, hard-working, loving. He is quite literally the reason I have all of the blessings in my life now. I love that I live close to his work so that I can visit him. I love that his interest in the world around him has grown into my love for geography. I love when I talk to him about caring for others, knowing that he understands how I feel, because I got my tender heart from him. I liken his love for me and my sisters to our Heavenly Father's love for all of his children: unconditional and boundless. I hope he lives many many years, so that my children can learn to love him the way I do. He is the best dad he could be, and that's all a daughter could ever ask for.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The month of May.

So much has happened this month, its been tough to keeping up blog-wise:
  • Lacey and Seth (aka Mr. and Mrs. Genius) got their Master's degrees

  • We spent Mother's Day spoiling my mom in Murrieta, watching The Avengers, and making her a sunflower peeps cake :) 
heehee. so fun to cook for people I love :)

  •  More friends are getting married! Congrats to Ben and Alyssa,
and Megan and Dom are'nt getting married until June, but Megan had her bridal shower! Can't wait to share in her special day.
Lemon cream cupcakes I made for the shower. Dee-lsh.  

  • More frolicking around Orange County. We really love living in Tustin. It's such a beautiful place and there is always something new to discover.
Orange County Great Park

  • And finally, Mackenzie graduated! I'm glad I live close enough that I can be there for these family things. I can't believe little Mackie's all grown up now!
With Jordie at the Ceremony
There she is!

  • Still teaching primary.  Still love and spoil my kids.
  • Got a new computer, named her Peppercorn.
  •  I blinked and we've been married for 9 months. We're planning our one year anniversary. Time must fly when your happily married ;D
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