Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sequoia National Park

At the top of Moro Rock

Torrey standing on a rock with no guard rail. I believe my exact words were, "Torrey Lee Peterson, I will KILL you if you fall!"

For Torrey's birthday this year I was racking my brain trying to make sure it was special. He works so hard and never takes the time to treat himself. So I told him that we could do anything he wanted this year, and he chose camping in the mountains. Sequoia National Park to be exact.

While I married a mountain man, I'm not exactly a mountain woman. That's not to say I can't camp. I mean, I went to girls camp every summer so that pretty much makes me an expert right? (...right?) ;)

I'm just more of a lodge-lounging, hot chocolate-sipping type. But I did say we could do anything for his birthday, hence the camping.

Like I said, mountain man.

The sequoias were absolutely breathtaking. Hikes felt like walking through an enchanted forest.
It's incredible how absolutely massive these trees become, and how old they are! Their main cause of death is falling over from being too dang large!

Trying to get a whole sequoia in one shot ain't easy.

Sequoia trees are incredibly resilient. This one is still growing despite the major burns it obtained from a forest fire.

The auto log. We drove through it!

This trip was the most wonderful weekend getaway. I was amazed at the variety of hikes we could go on in a relatively small geographic area. We walked through a rocky quarry to a waterfall, through wooded areas with the gentle giants watching over us, and a climb that took us up 300' in elevation within a quarter mile to the top of the mountain. My favorite just might have been General Sherman, the largest tree  in the world (per cubic feet of wood). We saw a black bear on the way back!


I was glad that I could give my husband a happy birthday treat. On our last day he didn't want to leave and kept driving me through detours so he could take one last look at the forest, while I had rediscovered the cars heated seats of which you couldn't prye me out of.

Despite my lack of ruggedness, our trip was great quality time for the two of us.

 I mean, what's better quality time then huddling together in a tent on a mountain? <3
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