Friday, August 30, 2013

That non-pregnant announcement I had

It's time to finally announce that I've accepted a new job at Southern California Edison!

Excited is an understatement. I have been searching for over a year for a job where I could use my  Geography degree. But I had the same problem as every other recent college graduate, as every listing either wanted a full time student or 3+ years experience.

Never mind those four years of schooling I just finished.

But many prayers, applications, and rejection emails later, I was blessed with the opportunity to work as a planner for Southern California Edison!

And just so we're clear, I won't be doing this,

nor will I be staring at these:

My job in a nutshell consists of creating work orders and drawing up plans for electrical work in the Southern California area. This might be weird, (though I think it is the result of 6 years as a pharmacy technician) but I have ALWAYS wanted an office job. If you have to dress nice for work and have your own desk, I am seriously jealous of your life.

So you can imagine the jumping-up-and-down-ing that occurred when I got the job offer. I plan on never ever ever having to stand behind a register with a name tag again so long as I live. Ever.

Mr. P and I are thrilled for this new chapter in our life. It will be great start to our future family, and I plan to serve as an example to my potential future daughters that not only should you strive to get your degree, but you can go out and do something with it!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Long overdue update

I am hoping that this is not a spontaneous burst of blogging, but the restart of my keeping track of life via online journalistic measures.

My recent lack of blogging cannot be fully explained just yet, because I do have exciting news on the horizon that I'm keeping close to the vest for the time being.#notpregnant

But I do have two great pieces of news to share:

-After an entire Spring and Summer of apartment hunting, we found a great new apartment in Huntington Beach! We love our new and much larger space, and so far the neighbors have been super friendly. We are still adjusting to having the extra space, since our old apartment was a tiny studio. I still haven't decided whether I like the bedroom door open or closed at night- I didn't have one before!

Someone was a bit excited to paint our new place ;)

-I'm also the proud aunt of the cutest baby niece in the whole world. Meet Rose. She is precious and tiny and I can't wait to spoil her! Just wait till she gets to cookie-eating age, I'll be the greatest aunt ever ;)

Hello little fluffy-haired angel.

Other than that, the time spent after our trip to Singapore has been pretty hectic. It seems like we've done nothing but around taking care of business for the past few months. But good things are happening, and we are excited for things to come! #stillnotpregnant
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