Monday, April 8, 2013

So, what's in Malaysia? {Part 2}

So..what else is in Malaysia?

KL has a great Chinatown, though the tourist shopping got a little overwhelming.
Malaysian episode of Hoarders?

We were on our trip during Chinese New Year! It is a huge deal in all of SE Asia, and they celebrate for two weeks! There were red lanterns everywhere, and we caught a couple of lions running around :)

Little India.

Though we didn't find very much shopping or food in Little India (our map absolutely sucked!), I loved the beauty of the area. So colorful!

We could do with some flowers in US streets, don't ya think?
Beautiful Money.

I am in love with Malaysian Ringgits. They are so pretty! I think the 10 MYR bill had toucans on the back. And I love how each bill is a different color, so its easy to find which one you need in your wallet. Beware though, 1 USD is equal to three MYR, so you think your getting a great deal. Turns out that instead, something in Malaysia that would be $100 in the US costs 300 ringgit. So.



Okay, KFC is seriously in every corner, crevice, nook, and cranny of Malaysia and SE Asia. Malaysia is predominately Muslim, so since they don't eat beef, they get their American fast food fix from the Colonel. We though it was hilarious how we literally saw it everywhere. They even sell breakfast!

Singapore coming soon..

Malaysia {Pt. 1}

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  1. Ya KFC!! That looks like such a great trip! Why did you guys go?


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