Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ao nang Pt.1

I split our Ao nang time into two parts, to save you from  picture overload..

If I ever get the chance to go back to one of the places we traveled to, please let it be here.

Our time in Ao nang was hands down or favorite part of our adventure.

I'm not the most outdoorsy person, so I didn't expect to fall in love here. But I mean,

Seriously. Who could hate on that? No one.

Day One:
-Flew into the world's tiniest airport

-Checked into our resort, Ao Nang Cliff View. We had the cutest little bungalow all to ourselves, nestled in the jungle directly under sheer limestone cliffs.

our little love shack <3

-Stared in awe at the gorgeousness. It felt like a dream.

Day Two:

-We took a four island tour through the small islands in the area. We took a longtail boat to Phra nang cave, Poda, Chicken, and Tup island.

Phra nang had all of these gorgeous longtail boats to take tourists any where they please. Some are even selling fresh fruit drinks and coconuts for you to sip on while you sunbathe.

Phra nang

Our favorite was Poda. Perfect white sandy beaches, clear blue water, even some little fishes tickling our feet!

Next up was snorkeling on Chicken island. See the chicken head?

Tup island was our last stop. This tiny little island has a sandbar that connects to another mini island.

Unfortunately, our time was cut short at Tup. You might have noticed the gradient of the sky got darker at each island. By the time we got to Tup we ran into this :

On the way back, we got hit by a storm, and proceeded to be pelted with rain! I was clinging to the rocking boat for dear life, while Torrey was enjoying every second. He said he felt like a pirate! lol. Boy in a man’s body.

After we made it back safely and successfully dried off, we were greeted by the most amazing sunset I think I will ever see.

Part 2 coming soon! See our time in Bangkok here.


  1. SO unbelievably gorgeous. you should print that last sunset picture on a large canvas and hang it in your home! so, so beautiful.

    1. i was just talking about that! i cant believe its real and i was there! haha


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