Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

Can someone please tell me why winter is so short? It is absolutely my favorite time of the year! I had such a great time this year with all of the holiday fun.

I had the most wonderful time for Christmas. This year was my families turn to have us, and appropriately so, because my family has some major changes happening!

This might be terrible, but I think my favorite part of going home is seeing my dogs (they count as family right? so we can just say excited to see family;) ). I am dying living without my little wiener dogs. Poor Torrey has to listen to me whimper every time I see one walking by.

Harley cuddling on my lap. Reunited with his momma.

Baloo the bully, however, I don't miss as much.

He is a loveable, slobbery mess. Fun until he ruins your jeans. Oh did you just mop the floor? Well let me fix that for you with some muddy pawprints! Thanks buddy.

He can be a good companion to our wiener dogs though. And they share a few common interests, like for instance, green beans..
Did you see that monster tongue??

But enough of my furry family members! It felt so good to be home with my parents and sisters. I spent Christmas eve preparing dinner, and Christmas morning consisted of pumpkin pancakes,

lots of new kitchen tools, and lots of Madewell gift cards for me (thanks again family!),

What do you mean there are other stores?

And I swear its tradition to let the wiener dogs roam around in the present carnage.

Last wiener pic I promise. My sweet Christmas Harley <3 <3

My favorite Christmas memory of this year will forever be this unlikely pair:

I suggested Torrey bring his X-box with us so that when he opened a certain gift from my parents (newest version of his favorite video game) he would be able to play it Christmas morning. The excuse I told him was that maybe Jordie would want to play Halo with him, since she used to like to play when the family had an X-box years ago.

Much to my surprise, the minute he suggested they play a game, she was totally on board. They played Halo almost every waking moment we were there! While making Christmas Eve dinner I listened to them squabble over guns or who should drive the Warthog. Hilarious. In the short time we were there they almost beat the entire game. Best friends in the making?? Haha.

Christmas and aliens. They unplugged that middle string of lights for the X-box.

Our last day with my family was the most special of all- We went down to the San Diego temple so that Mackenzie could go through the temple for the first time. It was amazing to have everyone in the temple together (minus too young Jordie, who waited in the car! sucks being youngest).

Daughters 2, 4, 3, and 1

 Mack leaves at the end of the month for the MTC and will be serving the Tokyo, Japan mission. I am beyond proud of her. She only turned 19 a month ago and is devoting a year and half of her life to serving the Lord. Amazing.

I hope your holidays were full of present-opening, belly-filling, family-loving fun :)

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