Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sequoia National Park

At the top of Moro Rock

Torrey standing on a rock with no guard rail. I believe my exact words were, "Torrey Lee Peterson, I will KILL you if you fall!"

For Torrey's birthday this year I was racking my brain trying to make sure it was special. He works so hard and never takes the time to treat himself. So I told him that we could do anything he wanted this year, and he chose camping in the mountains. Sequoia National Park to be exact.

While I married a mountain man, I'm not exactly a mountain woman. That's not to say I can't camp. I mean, I went to girls camp every summer so that pretty much makes me an expert right? (...right?) ;)

I'm just more of a lodge-lounging, hot chocolate-sipping type. But I did say we could do anything for his birthday, hence the camping.

Like I said, mountain man.

The sequoias were absolutely breathtaking. Hikes felt like walking through an enchanted forest.
It's incredible how absolutely massive these trees become, and how old they are! Their main cause of death is falling over from being too dang large!

Trying to get a whole sequoia in one shot ain't easy.

Sequoia trees are incredibly resilient. This one is still growing despite the major burns it obtained from a forest fire.

The auto log. We drove through it!

This trip was the most wonderful weekend getaway. I was amazed at the variety of hikes we could go on in a relatively small geographic area. We walked through a rocky quarry to a waterfall, through wooded areas with the gentle giants watching over us, and a climb that took us up 300' in elevation within a quarter mile to the top of the mountain. My favorite just might have been General Sherman, the largest tree  in the world (per cubic feet of wood). We saw a black bear on the way back!


I was glad that I could give my husband a happy birthday treat. On our last day he didn't want to leave and kept driving me through detours so he could take one last look at the forest, while I had rediscovered the cars heated seats of which you couldn't prye me out of.

Despite my lack of ruggedness, our trip was great quality time for the two of us.

 I mean, what's better quality time then huddling together in a tent on a mountain? <3

Friday, August 30, 2013

That non-pregnant announcement I had

It's time to finally announce that I've accepted a new job at Southern California Edison!

Excited is an understatement. I have been searching for over a year for a job where I could use my  Geography degree. But I had the same problem as every other recent college graduate, as every listing either wanted a full time student or 3+ years experience.

Never mind those four years of schooling I just finished.

But many prayers, applications, and rejection emails later, I was blessed with the opportunity to work as a planner for Southern California Edison!

And just so we're clear, I won't be doing this,

nor will I be staring at these:

My job in a nutshell consists of creating work orders and drawing up plans for electrical work in the Southern California area. This might be weird, (though I think it is the result of 6 years as a pharmacy technician) but I have ALWAYS wanted an office job. If you have to dress nice for work and have your own desk, I am seriously jealous of your life.

So you can imagine the jumping-up-and-down-ing that occurred when I got the job offer. I plan on never ever ever having to stand behind a register with a name tag again so long as I live. Ever.

Mr. P and I are thrilled for this new chapter in our life. It will be great start to our future family, and I plan to serve as an example to my potential future daughters that not only should you strive to get your degree, but you can go out and do something with it!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Long overdue update

I am hoping that this is not a spontaneous burst of blogging, but the restart of my keeping track of life via online journalistic measures.

My recent lack of blogging cannot be fully explained just yet, because I do have exciting news on the horizon that I'm keeping close to the vest for the time being.#notpregnant

But I do have two great pieces of news to share:

-After an entire Spring and Summer of apartment hunting, we found a great new apartment in Huntington Beach! We love our new and much larger space, and so far the neighbors have been super friendly. We are still adjusting to having the extra space, since our old apartment was a tiny studio. I still haven't decided whether I like the bedroom door open or closed at night- I didn't have one before!

Someone was a bit excited to paint our new place ;)

-I'm also the proud aunt of the cutest baby niece in the whole world. Meet Rose. She is precious and tiny and I can't wait to spoil her! Just wait till she gets to cookie-eating age, I'll be the greatest aunt ever ;)

Hello little fluffy-haired angel.

Other than that, the time spent after our trip to Singapore has been pretty hectic. It seems like we've done nothing but around taking care of business for the past few months. But good things are happening, and we are excited for things to come! #stillnotpregnant

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Oh yah, blogging..

So the reason we went on this entire trip in the first place was to visit Torrey's brother Brandon and his family in Singapore.

I knew so little about Singapore before this trip. I was amazed at how advanced it was. There was so much to see and do!

Long story short, these were our favorite things.

Gardens by the Bay.

There are these crazy tree structures that act as solar panels that power two garden domes full of gorgeous flowers and exotic plants.

Loved these big-bootyed trees. 

There were all these Korean tourist groups that ran around taking cheesy pictures with their tablets. They just made me laugh. Why would you run around with your largest portable device?? Just use a camera!


This was my favorite place in Singapore! It was seriously the best Chinatown I have ever seen! Clean, organized, and full of great shopping. :)

More Chinese New Year decorations! Hooray for year of the snake!

The Bhudda Tooth Temple
AND I found my favorite Hawaiian food ever! Manapua, or char siew buns! I can't find them anywhere on the mainland. I may or may not have bought thousand of these. 

Sri Mariamman temple. 


The merlion is considered the mascot of Singapore. And I just think its adorable.

Singapore Flyer.

Larger than the London Eye, this is the best way to see Singapore. On a clear day you can see all the way to Malaysia!

PS: There's an awesome food court at the bottom of the wheel. In fact, pretty much all food courts in Singapore have great food.  You really can't go wrong!

Annd.. here's some cool architecture.

Double Helix Bridge.
With genetic code lights on the ground! 
The Bloomin' Onion, I mean the Art Science Museum
Marina Bay Sands

Monday, April 8, 2013

So, what's in Malaysia? {Part 2}

So..what else is in Malaysia?

KL has a great Chinatown, though the tourist shopping got a little overwhelming.
Malaysian episode of Hoarders?

We were on our trip during Chinese New Year! It is a huge deal in all of SE Asia, and they celebrate for two weeks! There were red lanterns everywhere, and we caught a couple of lions running around :)

Little India.

Though we didn't find very much shopping or food in Little India (our map absolutely sucked!), I loved the beauty of the area. So colorful!

We could do with some flowers in US streets, don't ya think?
Beautiful Money.

I am in love with Malaysian Ringgits. They are so pretty! I think the 10 MYR bill had toucans on the back. And I love how each bill is a different color, so its easy to find which one you need in your wallet. Beware though, 1 USD is equal to three MYR, so you think your getting a great deal. Turns out that instead, something in Malaysia that would be $100 in the US costs 300 ringgit. So.



Okay, KFC is seriously in every corner, crevice, nook, and cranny of Malaysia and SE Asia. Malaysia is predominately Muslim, so since they don't eat beef, they get their American fast food fix from the Colonel. We though it was hilarious how we literally saw it everywhere. They even sell breakfast!

Singapore coming soon..

Malaysia {Pt. 1}
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