Friday, December 14, 2012

USC Game date- Go Trojans!

A few weeks ago we had an awesome double date with our friends Chase and Darci- at a USC football game! Chase is a USC student so he helped get some tickets to the AZU game. Torrey just loves college football, and I have never been to any football games before, so we were excited to go!

My grandfather was a running back for the Trojans back in his day, so I'm a USC fan by birthright. It was fun to see all of the crazy fans decked out in cardinal and gold.

Someone gave us these buttons that said "Sparky is melting," AZU's mascot. haha. 

I really had fun watching the game. Since we don't have cable, the only football I ever watch is when Torrey plays his NCAA Xbox game. It was nice change from virtual players..

 We snacked on giant brats while we watched our Trojans win. I'll admit I couldn't tell what was going on some of the time..but hey that just means Torrey's got some work to do! We had a really good time cheering on USC and hanging with our married friends. Thank you for taking us Charci! It's good to know a Trojan ;)

Victory fingers!

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