Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

Are you ready for Christmas? I can't believe how fast December has flown by! Nothing puts a skip in my step more than the holiday season.

This year was the first time we got serious with Christmas. Last year this season was such a blur ( I think it had something to do with the newly-wedded, working part-time and school full-time with two graduate level courses thing. Maybe.) So this year I wanted to do it right.

The outward expression of holiday spirit in our apartment complex has been someone lacking. We are the only ones in our section with lights! There might be a wreath or two, but I love my berry monogram. It makes me smile every time I come home.

We had a little dilemma when it came to a Christmas tree. We didn't want to use our giant fake tree since it takes up half of the apartment, but we also didn't want to buy a fresh tree only to toss it later.

The result:

 A small Christmas-esque rosemary plant. Not only is it the perfect size for our home, but after Christmas it will still serve a purpose as a fresh herb in all of my dishes! Perfect solution.

As you might've guessed, I have delved into some holiday baking. I made the world's easiest fudge for my Primary students, but my crowning achievement this year has been these sugar cookies.

Let me be clear- these aren't the world's easiest sugar cookies. They literally took me days to put together (chilling, baking, coloring, outlining, flooding, decorating..ready to kill yourself yet? haha.), but I was determined to do it. 

I'll have to post about of these days. The cookie itself was a really great recipe. But I think I burnt myself out. These cookies are strictly an annual activity.

But don't worry, I've got other treats up my sleeve. I'll definitely post about this lovely salted caramel recipe I discovered soon. They were heavenly and a perfect stocking stuffer :)

I hope you have a very merry Christmas! Mine will be spent with my family making Christmas dinner and petting wiener dogs (though not at the same time hopefully). I'll be taking a small holiday hiatus to spend time with family and friends.

Happy Holidays from the Petersons <3


  1. Those cookies look absolutely delish!

  2. Merry Christmas Noelle and Torrey! And happy late birthday!


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