Friday, December 28, 2012

Birthday Peace.

I believe that no matter how old you become, there is one solid life rule: you reign on your birthday. You go do whatever you want to do, with whoever you want to do it with, and they must oblige.

Want to go on a shopping spree? It's your birthday- Do it.

Want to lie in bed watching two seasons of Law and Order while munching on a sleeve of Oreos? It's your birthday- Do it.

Above all else, you are in charge. that's what makes a birthday so special. No matter what you do that day, it's yours.

This year I wanted my day to be simple. And quiet. Just a day to relax from the hectic pace of our 9 to 5s. And it was my birthday, so I did it.

As I mentioned before, Torrey got me a Kindle Fire. He apparently had planned to get me one since last Christmas when he watched me read an entire book (a trilogy actually..) on my little phone screen. He even worked with my parents to have it delivered to their house so I wouldn't find it, had my mom wrap it, and took my dad out to lunch the day before to pick it up along with my gifts from my family.

So you can imagine how he felt when I opened it with the reaction, "...a kindle fire?"

I was caught off guard, you see. I had no idea he noticed my night time scrolling of The Hunger Games. Or that I even liked to read.

After a little explanation, and the supplemental gift from a sister of some Amazon giftcards, I realized how perfect and thoughtful his gift was. I downloaded a nice thick novel and was hooked.

So after a significant amount of time spent fiddling with my new device, we set out to LA. We did some light outlet shopping (which was packed on a Tuesday..what's up with that?) before we headed to Santa Monica Pier.

One of my most favorite things to do is to explore somewhere new. I had never been along the pier before, and one of my birthday demands was to watch the sunset on the beach.

Such a windy beautiful day ;)
 We spent a little time in the arcade so I could seriously school Torrey in some air hockey,

Little did he know the world of hurt he was about to get into..

and spent some time sipping some hot vanilla (yah, hot vanilla. Take that chocoholics!) and enjoying the scenery.

A happy birthday girl.

For dinner Torrey took me to my favorite Thai restaurant, Toi on Sunset.They have the best Thai food I've ever had, though the bathroom looks like the dark ally you would murder someone in..

A nice, peaceful birthday makes for a happy Noelle.

Thank you to all of you wonderful people for your lovely birthday wishes. My phone almost died from all of your love ;)

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  1. i'm thinking it's a twin "december 18th" birthday thing, because i truly and fully believe with all my heart that your birthday is YOUR day. so glad you had a fabulous day! and kudos to your torrey for his top secret birthday surprise!


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