Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Date- Apple Picking!

Last weekend we went on an apple picking date. I got the idea from the cutest blog, and when I told Torrey about the idea, he told me there were apple orchards in his mission area. So we were sold! We drove out to Riley's Farm in Oak Glen for our sweet little Fall date! My favorite dates with my husband are the ones when we try something new.

  Riley's Farm is nestled right under the San Bernardino mountains. It was a beautiful day- perfect for apple picking! 

Torrey grew up with a peach tree in his yard, so he's always been good at picking ripe fruit. It is shameful the amount of unripened watermelons I have brought home. 

Like here. Totally thought that was a ripe apple. Wrong. It wouldn't even come off of the tree.

We picked from the Winesap orchard, a more tart apple that is better for baking. Apple-based recipe posts to follow ;) The apples were beautiful.

 Apples are by far my favorite fruit. I literally eat an apple every day. So I was super excited to pick my own fresh ones, ripe from the tree!

We drank fresh apple cider from the farm, and went to Apple Dumplin's for an apple based-lunch. I had a sandwich with apple in it, with apple cider and a slice of apple pie for dessert. #appleobsessed

 Once we had our fill of the good stuff, the way back Torrey was able to show me some of his favorite mission areas. We also took a drive up through the mountains. This was such a fun 
day trip. I highly recommend you see for yourself. Now I've got a lot of apple baking to catch up on ;)


  1. Looks like such a fun date! I've never been apple picking! Can't wait to see what you make!


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