Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Fact is Tuesday.

Fact: We had a great weekend! I hope you all did too. We went on a double date with our friends Bruce and Marinda for a session in the Los Angeles temple,

and had some Diddy Reise before dinner at one of our favorite LA restaurants.

 I love LA dates. The city has so many fun things to offer.

Fact: I'm not a Halloween girl. I always stress out about finding a good costume. Life was so much easier when your mom just threw you in a princess dress.

Fact: This conversation happened-
N: Do you want to do the Trunk-or-treat (church Halloween party) this year?
T: No.
N: We can be zombies.
T: ....okay.

Fact: I'm a winner. (And winners can do what they want! Name that movie.)
I won a gift card to a cute online shop on a giveaway hosted by Nicholl at The Chiffon Diary. Completely made my Monday. Thanks Nicholl!

Fact: Yesterday was my moms birthday! She came up a couple of weeks ago with my little sister so that I could treat them to Boiling Crab. She absolutely loved it.

 My dad is allergic to shrimp so she doesn't get to eat it much. I think we made up for lost time with the 1 lb. bags we each polished off. Ha
Get in my belly little shrimps!
Bonus: Jordie decided she likes shrimp too! Now we can all eat giant bags of shrimp together. Like a real family.

Fact: I am way too excited for this weekend. Weather and time permitting, we are going apple picking! Fun adventure date with my favorite fruit and favorite husband? I'm like little kid excited.


  1. Yay, double dates are so much fun! I am just like you though, I am so over Halloween. But I never actually liked it because I don't like scary things and I don't like 'little monsters' running around.

    Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. I'm not into Halloween either. Too many skanky costumes for my tastes! Slutty pirate? No thank you!

    1. Sheena- I once saw a girl in a neon orange mini dress with a reflector strip across her chest. She was a traffic cone. A slutty traffic cone.

  3. Stopping by from the link-up. Love your blog! I'm your newest follower!


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