Thursday, October 25, 2012


After 16 years of loyalty, companionship, and love, my family’s sweet Hammy as left this earth.


His body had become too weak, and he lost the will to eat. So my parents decided it was time to say goodbye to our beloved dog.

The last time I went home I saw how deteriorated his body had become, and I knew the time for his spirit to leave us was coming close.

I still remember going to pick him out with my older sister. There were two young brindle dachshunds jumping and nipping at us. The owner suggested the one without the white spot on his chest, because he would be more beautiful for showing, but we all agreed on the ‘one with the white spot.’

I’ll remember how he became the companion to our grumpy older female wiener Ophie (Ophelia and Hamlet), and she grew to have a soft spot for him, as we all did. He brought life into her. Despite her grumpy disposition, I always loved Ophie. I’ll always be thankful for Ham’s love for her. When she passed, we soon got other wieners (Romeo, Blitz, Harley), but he was always the best. Most well-behaved, best walker, most loving.


I’ll remember that Ham loved more than anything to cuddle. I remember my mom sitting on the stairs, with Hammy flipped on his back, getting his chest rubbed, in complete submission. He was really my mom’s dog. They had a special bond.

I’ll remember him as Lazarus. Our family believes Hammy was blessed with nine lives. He had multiple breathing problem scares, and one day his back legs just stopped working. On a walk he was severely bitten by a larger dog and was taken to the emergency vet. Each time the whole family was in tears, praying to keep our sweet dog a little longer. Each time he ended up fine. After he recovered from the dog attack, Dad nick-named him Lazarus, because of his ability to come back from the dead.

I’ll remember how my mom had a microchip put in him, but none in any of our other dogs. We love them all, but there was no way we were losing Ham.

I’ll remember the trips where we would take the wieners to a local school and let them run free. Hammy adored every second- prancing through the tall grass with his ears flopping.

I’ll remember how he always loved the sun. He would lie in the yard for hours soaking. We would joke that he was dead because of the ridiculous positions he would turn himself in. Twisted on his back, feet straight in the air, in complete paradise.  Even in his later years, we would find him tanning.

Photo Oct 01, 12 50 10 PM

I’ll remember how even as he got older, began to lose his eyesight, and spent most of the day resting, he would still always get up when I came home, give me a small lick, then trot back to bed again. A good dog till the very end.

Hammy is the best furry family member we have had. I truly believe I will never know a better dog. He was full of love for every family member.  My youngest sister is a year younger than him and has never known a life with out Hammy. There are Wright daughters all over the country with a piece of their hearts missing.

Rest in peace Hammy. I imagine you running in heavenly fields of gold with Ophie and Romeo, ears flopping. I will always love you, old friend.


  1. I am very sorry for your lose. The story truly brought me to tears! I don't know how dogs always seem to take up a huge piece of your heart. It is a special thing.

    1. Thanks Jenn. Dogs are full of nothing but love.


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