Sunday, September 30, 2012

Torrey's 27th- the Perfect Disney Day

Tuesday was the birthday of my favorite person.

I wanted to make sure he felt super special. Because he is.
In the morning I snuck in his present and some balloons when he went to move his car, and made a quick pancake breakfast, then off to the happiest place on earth!

I told him we could go where ever, eat whatever, and do whatever he wanted. Since he was the birthday king.

I scored the first Dole whip float of the day! We got a good laugh when the cast members congratulated me all day for my wonderful accomplishment.

Neither of us have ever been during Halloween time. They have the cutest decorations, villains everywhere, and I love the Haunted Mansion. 
The Tom Sawyer island was turned into a pirate lair. Oh how we wish we had our little nephews there. They would've loved it.

Have you ever been on a ride at Disney where it shut down completely? In the middle of the Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin (my childhood favorite) the ride just stopped. I've been in one where you wait a few minutes then it starts back up, but this time they had to come and pull everyone out of their cars! Sad..but kinda interesting to walk around the inside of a ride. They told us to not touch anything, which everyone took as touch everything.
Weak ;p

The weather was perfect, and the longest line was many twenty minutes. We snatched fast passes, avoided parades, and spent most of the day enjoying our day off.

i love the birthday boy.

It's perfect fun days like this that make me excited for forever. We're going to have a fun eternity together. :)

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