Sunday, September 9, 2012


This past weekend we declared our anniversary weekend.

We took an extra day off to make it extra special.
because nothing is greater than not working while everyone else is, am I right?

We went back and forth in deciding what to do to celebrate. Sky diving, a trip to New York, Hawaii--

 but eventually we decided to keep it simple. More than anything we needed a break from everyday life, and time to be together. Norrey time.

So we went and did a session in the San Diego temple.

This is the temple I grew up with, so it has always held a special place in my heart. Now that it is the temple that my husband and I were sealed in, it has all the more meaning.

After a peaceful morning renewing put covenants with the Lord, we went to Sea World!

I mean come on, we were in town. ;)
 We watched sea otters play with ice cubes,
and I officially got dolphined. They lure you in with their cuteness, then SPLASH. Don't be fooled by their little grins. jerks.

My favorite is feeding the sea lions. I think they enjoy it too.
California sea lions love yoga. Upward facing dog is their fav pose.
Got a little nervous in the shark tank, 
and saw a freaking huge sea turtle. 

-Polar bears hate Mondays. 
-Yes we saw Shamu.
-Yes he splashed us like nobody's business. 
-The rest of our weekend was spent relaxing, getting a couples massage, and eating delicious things like this cinnamon gelato. 

Happy anniversary to us :)

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You two rock (which I am assuming because I have never met Tory but you're pretty awesome). PS that one picture of the sea lion is absolutely awful


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