Friday, August 10, 2012

life lately via instagram.

Officially a smarty-pants.
Married to the manliest of all men..
who is also my pedicure buddy :)
Still teaching my Valiant Eights. We put on the armor of God. 

  Newport clouds.
We saw it on a Tuesday night because he couldn't wait another millisecond longer. We saw it again at the end of the week.
Favorite sandwich place gave me a discount because I was wearing scrubs. No argument here.
Lunch by the fountain.

Another perfect temple date with my sweet Mister.
Mister proving how sweet he is.
Thursday almost Friday hair.

Non-instagrammed life:
-both working our 9 to 5s. Hate Mondays, Love Fridays.
-I get to wear pajamas scrubs to work on the days that I compound. Two thumbs up for comfort. Plus I get to pretend I save lives.
-In the middle of an argument, he shouted "and you look so cute with those bows in your ears!"  too adorable to argue with.
 -Upgrading the apt Giving Ikea more money.
-No good summer TV has resulted in lots of Law & Order SVU reruns. bomm-bomm.
-Space heater husband is producing too much heat. No more cuddling till Christmas.
Well, maybe a little on the 20th ;)

Have a good weekend!

You can find me on instagram @noellepp

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