Thursday, August 23, 2012

Donate to Team Continuum- NYC Marathon!

I want you to meet my sister Lacey.

She recently got her Master's degree in Biomedicine and is a yoga instructor. Lacey is currently training with Team Continuum to run the ING NYC Marathon 2012. Team Continuum provides non-medical assistance to cancer patients and their families. This can be anything from utility bills to cab fare for chemotherapy treatments. You can read more about their cause here.

I love Team Continuum's cause. Working as a pharmacy technician, I don't usually deal with the patients, but their family members. I see the toll that the prices of medications and treatments takes on worried spouses and children. Team Continuum recognizes the effects that cancer has to not only the patient, but their families and their everyday needs.

Both Lacey and I would love if you would like to donate to Team Continuum. She only has a couple of months left to reach her goal, and she is halfway there! I know Lacey is training hard to build up the endurance to compete in her first marathon, and how honored she is to run with Team Continuum.
No donation is too small! (seriously. every bit helps.) if you would like to donate click here.

Feel free to contact me or Lacey with any questions.

Thanks friends :)

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