Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blooper reel.

I use my iPhone for 99.9% of all pictures I take (is there such thing as a camera anymore?). For all of the great pictures I get out of it, it takes a few   bad ones . I thought I’d give you a good laugh and share best of the worst.

Here’s me at graduation,

Photo May 19, 9 27 47 AM

At my parent’s house,

Photo May 30, 3 30 26 PM

And us on the road to San Francisco.

Photo Jun 21, 9 38 14 AM

Here are the gorgeous views of Zion National Park,

Photo Jun 09, 10 15 44 AM

and us at the top of Coit Tower.

Photo Jun 23, 1 50 51 PM

A lovely view of a fountain,

Photo Jul 11, 12 18 33 PM

a great grill shot, plus my finger,

Photo Jul 04, 6 34 57 PM

And my personal favorite, the Torrey headshot.

Photo Jul 27, 7 29 00 PM

“Torreyyy! I’m takin a picture!”

Great photography skills am I right? Sorry future grandchildren, Grandma Noelle’s already having a hard time with technology these days. Good luck explaining the iPhone 11.

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  1. So funny. I still use a point and shoot mostly. Have a great week!


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