Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A little extra in love.

I've been feeling a little extra in love lately.

Maybe because my sweet Mister surprised me with flowers on our anniversary.
It was a Monday, so we went out to eat after work and promised not to get each other anything. Liar.

Or maybe it's because we're taking this Friday off to give us a four-day weekend to celebrate our anniversary. It's gonna be fun, relaxing and full of Norrey time :)

Or maybe because this is the first August of my life that I don't have to worry about buying books, liking my teachers, or studying. That is pretty awesome.

Or that I'm staying in Murrieta next week to watch my little sister while my parents take the other little sister to college. Giving me a half a week off work (yes!) and T a few days to himself. (whos gonna feed him?? haha)

Or maybe it's because we are planning our next big vacation together. One of the few things we share in common is an itch to explore the world.

Or maybe you just fall a little deeper in love with every year. Yah, that might be it.

pssst! remember Team Continuum? don't forget to support them! every bit helps!

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