Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lookout blogisphere..

A blogging master is approaching! Not really, but as you can hopefully tell, I've done some major changes to the norrey blog. It wasn't easy. I felt like I was back on my MySpace page messing around with HTML codes. But we're up and running now!

My first major change is my recipes tab, where I can post links to recipes I refer to or will post myself. My intention is to make is easier to find that recipe that you remember reading that one time but you didn't want to try it then and now you do. Truthfully it's kind of for me more than for you. I always post recipes, then spend forever digging through my own archives to make it again. 
what month was that mothers day cake in??
  Well those days are officially over now!

Second, I've got new-fangled log buttons for followers to slap onto their blogs. Lemme know of you grab my button so I can grab yours, and we can be one big happy blogging family :)
here's a couple to choose from:

hope you enjoy ;)


  1. oopsie i already grabbed your button like last week without telling you! p.s. loving the links that go to your pinterest, instagram, twitter and such! HOW do you make those?!

    1. thanks! they took FOREVER for me to figure out. maybe ill post about it? its too much info for me to share in one sitting :)


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