Saturday, July 28, 2012

Disneyland- Norrey's trip and tips

We've hit a major landmark in our relationship- we went to Disneyland!

I've been a bajillion times as a so-cal kid and he's been too, but we've never gone together. Torrey's sister Angie and her family came down to spend a few days there, so it was the perfect opportunity. Check out all the fun.

-A sweet tooth my lover has.
-California Screamin with Angie
-A soaking wet little nephew
-A slightly drier nephew wondering who these strangers are.

-Not like I'm excited to see the new Star Tours or anything.
-Not like we absolutely loved and are obsessed with the new Star Tours or anything.
-On Space Mountain all photogenic.
-KO'd Joshua after lunch

-First taste of Dole Whip- loved it!
-Uncle Torrey :)
-Me, Mickey, Colin, and a stranger creepin.
-My teacup buddy! He said we could ride in my favorite cup. What a sweetie :)

I swear Angie and Andrew were there, I just failed to grab picture proof. We really enjoyed spending some time with them and their adorable boys. 

Every time I go to Disneyland (or any amusement park really) I pick up on new tips or secrets to make our time there even better. So I compiled a few for the next time you go. 

1. Discount tickets 
 There are tons of different ways to get discounts, like SoCal residents, package deals, (I got in for free on my birthday in 2009 :D ), etc. We got ah-mazing tickets because of a deal that's going on now for US Military members. Yay for serving the country! Grab your nearest military family member/friend and GO! It ends Sept 30th.

2. Water
You can ask for free water at any restaurant in the park, but what do you do when you're standing in line at Toy Story for an hour (no fast pass there..sigh)?  I found on pinterest had the genius idea of having Torrey bring his camelback full of ice water. That way we had free cold water at all time no matter how long the line.
Plus I LOVED not having to lug around water bottles. Best idea ever.

3. Fast pass- secret revealed!
Okay, so fast passes are great, but they're even better when you find out that you don't have to use them during the allotted time on the ticket. For example, a ticket will say it's valid from 11:15-12:15. You can come back anytime after 11:15 and they'll still take it. So collect fast passes throughout your day, and come back when ever you feel like riding it. You're welcome ;)

4. Don't eat in the park! 
 Disclaimer: I get that sometimes you want to eat in the Disney restaurants for the experience, and yes from the above pictures we are guilty for buying some treats, but I'm talkin' overall.

You will save SO much money this way ($3.50 for a churro? Really?). In talking to other people, I've learned that not many realize you can bring your own food into the park. My family has been doing that for years! Throw some Subway sandwiches into a backpack so that you don't blow your budget. Since we don't live very far, we actually went home, made lunch, took a nap, and came back later. OC resident perk :)

 We've still got a couple days on a super awesome military discount passes (im telling you, Check that out!) So if you've got any good tips let me hear them! I hope some of mine will help you :)

PS-This pic pops up when you enter Disneyland into Bing images. Had to share, lol.

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