Friday, July 6, 2012

the city by the bay.

My entire teenage life was spent drooling over this city. I was absolutely sure that the Bay area was right for me and that going to school there was the only way I would be happy (oh teenage stubborn!). While my teenaged plans never panned out (because better ones came along!) San Francisco will always have a special place in my heart. So you know I was glad to have an opportunity to go on a short vacation here with my other half :)

Our San Francisco memories:


Megan and Dom's wedding. Glad we got to be silly with our long lost Aly <3

One of the most unique LDS temples I've ever seen.
Temple grounds.
So not tourists. Totally blending in.

Crab loaf from Boudin. heehee.

My favorite memory will be resting my head in my husband's lap in Ghirardelli Square, soaking in the sun. Vacation bliss.
Brown sugar and balsamic strawberry ice-cream from Bi-rite Creamery.
Torrey's first cable car ride :)
Pier 39's water Baloos sea lions.

Filbert Steps up to Coit Tower. 700+ steps to the top.
The view. I loved seeing coins from all over the world under the windows of the tower.
Cable car turnaround.

We stayed at a an anime-themed hotel in Japantown. We earned lots of sleep credits.
The Golden Gate on a perfect day.
Yes we walked ALL the way across. 

The city from the bridge. 
Most crooked street. 
Japanese Tea Garden.

JFK rose garden.
Golden Gate Park.
Too cold to touch the water. 
Hugging the redwoods :)

It's a problem that we don't live here. I think we're going to have to work on that. Until next time :*

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