Sunday, May 27, 2012


We do it Cum Laude style ;)
That's right folks, I'm done! Saturday was my last day of student life! Of course I'm excited to start a new chapter, but I am so sad leaving my wonderful CSUF behind.
University Ceremony. All of the grads in one place, lots of  "follow your dreams"-ing

My college ceremony couldn't have one smoother. Geography got its own ceremony, so there were maybe twenty of us!

Snapping pics before the ceremony.

One of my favorite geog buddies, Carlos
On the stage.

This is my favorite. Hey Torrey, look! I'm graduating!

Mom and Dad gave me the most beautiful leis, and Mom took the time to make that awesome CSUF money lei!

 After lunch with the family, Torrey took me to LA for some outlet shopping,
 some Avengers,
 and some Umami Burger. as for whats next for me, I know the Lord will direct me on the right path, but I'll let a convo with Harry explain my in-the-far-future plans:

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