Saturday, March 3, 2012

Drill Weekends.

As apart of his National Guard duties, Torrey leaves for drill one weekend every month.

.Most obvious: Husband is gone all weekend. So lonely.

.If he enjoyed going, I'd be all for it! But he says it can be really disorganized, and with so many budget cuts, they rarely have enough supplies. Not to mention he doesn't get the weekend to relax. 

.All of the man stuff I need him for happens right when he leaves! A super tight jar is always there when he isn't.

.The army loves to time drills in really important times in our lives. He has no choice but to be gone for three weeks this May, missing my college graduation :(

.From the pictures he sends me, he seems to have some fun. 

.I get a whole bed and 4+ pillows all to myself. You'd better believe I sleep smack dab in the middle. Sometimes I wake up sideways. Glorious.

.I am so super productive! I get my homework and all the chores done, great workouts, and sometimes I bake new recipes :) I got all of the thank you cards from the wedding done in the two weeks he left in September. When he comes home all muddy from sleeping on the Camp Penalton ground and the house is clean, laundry folded, and I'm just pulling dinner out of the oven, I feel like Super Wife.

.Me time. I spend a lot of time worrying about others.When its me, myself and I all weekend, it's a chance for me to regroup and think about what I need. Usually it's some Yogurtland.

We've got three years left of his contract (pray for no deployments!), and I know how important this point of our lives is. When he has to leave, I always get the strong feeling that I'm being watched over and protected. It's an opportunity for me to grow more independent, and for us to grow stronger.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all.

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  1. you go girl! military has it yucky moments, but you have the right attitude. you got this. :) xo


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