Monday, February 6, 2012

To my almost married friends.

Everywhere I look I've got friends getting engaged, and I couldn't be more excited for all of you!
The best decision I ever made was to marry Mr. Peterson. 
Couldn't be happier.
Advice from marriage veterans will soon be coming at you from every corner (if it hasn't already started!). And though we have five successful  months of marriage under our belts, I'll share from the experts.

At my Murrieta bridal shower, all of the women in my home ward that watched me grow up wrote down their advice to the bride. Turns out...
You'd better never go to bed angry!! 

I think this was my favorite one though:

I don't think there's a better choice in your life to make than to commit to spend the rest of your life with the one person you love. 
You mean we get to share our lives together, love each other, and wake up next to the love of your life every day?
 Sounds good to me.

So good luck with the wedding plans! I can't wait to see all  (and I mean ALL! ) of your beautiful invitations, receptions, and gowns.

And don't you dare go to bed angry ;)


  1. haha I love that you got that advice so much! It may be cliche, but it's true. My favorite wedding advice is that when you fight, be sure to fight naked. ;)

  2. Dang it! I was hoping I'd go to bed angry every night. I guess I'd better not.


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