Friday, January 27, 2012

Some good news..and some mono.

Good news:
-I started spring semester, and my last semester seems nice and easy. A well-earned Senior reward I think :)

-My mom came up last weekend to go shopping with me and finally saw our tiny place! She loved how much work Torrey put into making our house a home. Our place looks like it fell out of an Ikea catalog.

-Torrey got a promotion at work! His company realized how awesome he is, and moved him up to supervisor. Plus they gave him a company car! Proud little wife over here.

And now for the mono.
Apparently, mononucleosis is a virus that makes you feel like your dying, without the death part. and no kissing. and it can take weeks to go away. 

So here I sit, blogging between naps, wishing death on whoever gave me this heartless virus.
Husband is taking care of me in his own way, like locking me in a hug and saying he's trying to give me some of his life force.
If only that were possible. I would've been better weeks ago! Stupid mono.


  1. hang in there :-\ i had it finals week of my first semester of college, but only had it for 2 weeks, so there is hope!!! :)

  2. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry :( mono is the worst!

    On a side note - this was the background for my blog until today. I hadn't checked yours in a while . . . when I did I was like - oh! oh! I just changed mine from this!

    Yay :) I like us!!


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