Sunday, January 8, 2012

Four and a half.

Here's a few updates of what the Petersons have been up to:

Enjoying Christmas gifts
His and Hers.

A little Madewell to stop the shakes..

Silpats.  greatest invention ever.

I got a calling! I am the proud primary teacher of the Valiant 8 class! So far my class has anywhere from 2-4 kids a week, and they just so happen to be the most adorable children in the world. I intend to spoil them rotten.
It's already begun.

More military drills.

I started compounding at my pharmacy, meaning instead of counting pills, I'm making them! It's Chemistry class all over again.

Haircut! Torrey snuck in an extra Christmas gift for me, since he's the greatest husband ever. And thank goodness he did, because 
my hair was at the eating-my-head point. PLUS, my next haircut is FREE. Free things are so much better when your married-poor.
much better.

Loving Winter break from school, can't wait til Valentine's Day. Yep, 2012's looking pretty good from here. :)

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