Friday, January 27, 2012

Some good news..and some mono.

Good news:
-I started spring semester, and my last semester seems nice and easy. A well-earned Senior reward I think :)

-My mom came up last weekend to go shopping with me and finally saw our tiny place! She loved how much work Torrey put into making our house a home. Our place looks like it fell out of an Ikea catalog.

-Torrey got a promotion at work! His company realized how awesome he is, and moved him up to supervisor. Plus they gave him a company car! Proud little wife over here.

And now for the mono.
Apparently, mononucleosis is a virus that makes you feel like your dying, without the death part. and no kissing. and it can take weeks to go away. 

So here I sit, blogging between naps, wishing death on whoever gave me this heartless virus.
Husband is taking care of me in his own way, like locking me in a hug and saying he's trying to give me some of his life force.
If only that were possible. I would've been better weeks ago! Stupid mono.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Monday is the start of my last semester of school. EVER. It's insane to think that after all of the years of studying, buying books, writing essays, and taking tests, it'll all be over in a few short months, then off to the real world.

In the last semester of my life, I am looking forward to:

-Graduating with all of my Geography buddies! We've shared some good times grumbling over maps and  quietly accepting that we will never find jobs.

-SPICA. Oh, how I've missed my poly friends! I couldn't go to meetings last semester. This time I made sure I could go. I'm glad they accept me for my coconut self (brown shell, white on the inside! lol.)
Love these silly polys.

-Free yoga classes. A yoga mat is only place I can relax my body and mind. I just barely survived last semester without it. The best way to avoid a nervous breakdown is a few breaths in down dog.

-Cheap chiropractic care. There is a chiropractor at the Student Health Center. It's a whopping five bucks to have them snap out all the stress kinks. I'm in there so much that the cashier knows me by name!  I literally considered stretching my units another semester so that I could keep going.

-Institute! Not only do I get free parking (CSUF charges $220!), but I can take classes that enlighten my spirit and awake my soul. I'm planning on taking Old Testament this time around, learning about Moses, Noah, and the like. There's a calmness in Institute that I feel nowhere else (perfect for studying).

I'm not gonna lie, being married and doing work and school all at the same time can be quite exhausting.
Luckily,  I have a incredibly supportive Mr. that makes dinner when I've got to study, and gives neck massages after exams. I've got the best one :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Recent Recipes I Love.

Thank goodness I was born in the Internet age, where sharing recipes happens instantly.
I've been finding tons and tons of recipes to experiment on my husband and my Primary class! 
They do not have enough birthdays and holidays for me to use as an excuse to feed them.
Here's a few that will make some delectable comebacks:
Orange-blueberry Muffins. One of my mom's good friends makes the BEST orange rolls in the world. Their perfection is un-replicable, but these muffins orangey-ness came real close. Not to mention the bursts of fresh blueberries popping in your mouth. mmm.

Chicken Enchiladas with Red Sauce. Torrey and I absolutely loved these. We were surprised at how much flavor came from such a simple recipe. Internet search gold.

Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies. I won my Primary class over with this recipe. I declare this my official chocolate chip recipe now. Try them!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Four and a half.

Here's a few updates of what the Petersons have been up to:

Enjoying Christmas gifts
His and Hers.

A little Madewell to stop the shakes..

Silpats.  greatest invention ever.

I got a calling! I am the proud primary teacher of the Valiant 8 class! So far my class has anywhere from 2-4 kids a week, and they just so happen to be the most adorable children in the world. I intend to spoil them rotten.
It's already begun.

More military drills.

I started compounding at my pharmacy, meaning instead of counting pills, I'm making them! It's Chemistry class all over again.

Haircut! Torrey snuck in an extra Christmas gift for me, since he's the greatest husband ever. And thank goodness he did, because 
my hair was at the eating-my-head point. PLUS, my next haircut is FREE. Free things are so much better when your married-poor.
much better.

Loving Winter break from school, can't wait til Valentine's Day. Yep, 2012's looking pretty good from here. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adieu 2011.

Last year, I specifically remember writing in my journal that 2011 looked like it was going to be the best year for me yet.

Engaged on Easter,
married  in August,
I would say that prediction came true.

2012 promises to be even better:
.Graduating in May.
.Job searching (Cross your fingers for the start of a great geography career!).
.Being the bridesmaid for my Maid of Honor in July (my outfit is SO adorable).
.One year anniversary.
.Thanksgiving at the Petersons and Christmas at the Wrights.
.More time to learn and love.

I'm so excited to see where life takes us.
Here's to 2012 becoming the best year yet!

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