Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Vacation- Peterson Style!

This was my first Christmas as a Peterson! 
Torrey and I have learned we have a major problem:
We love our families so much we can't bare to spend the holidays without them! (Hey, if that's out biggest marital problem then I think were doing pretty good!)
 We decided this year would be a Peterson Christmas, and away we went!

A few memories::

The six-hour drive. We have done this trip a few times already. Every time we take this drive, it's a great opportunity for us talk and enjoy each others company.
Warming my toes next to the wood-burning fireplace.

Learning how to make toffee and thumbprint cookies from Vickie.

Nephews! I have the most adorable nephews EVER. And they love their Uncle Torrey because he'll throw them all over the place (honestly I think Torrey has more fun than the kids do!).
Trevin. Photo credit to Kaitlin Peterson. My camera wasn't quick enough to snap one of this ball of energy!

Um, opening presents!! My mom sent me up with gifts for me and Torrey, but we also got great gifts from all the Petersons!

Playing more card games in 5 days then I have in my entire life.
  There was a quite a bit of losing on my part.

At the Cracker Barrel.
St. George Temple! Torrey and I have been to four temples in our four months of marriage.

And it was cold. So blessedly cold. The perfect excuse to bundle up in scarfs, beanies, and boots

We really had a great time. I loved getting to know this new side of my family, and seeing Torrey so happy surrounded by the ones he loves. I have so many great holidays to look forward to!

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