Friday, December 23, 2011


 I've always loved my birthday. 7 days before Christmas seems to be the exact amount of time that people can associate you with Christmas without combining your gifts together. This year Torrey decided to make my special day as special as he possibly could, by devising an entire weekend of fun for me.

First on the docket for Saturday was lunch at the Original Pancake House in Redondo Beach, where the apple pancake is really just a gigantic steamy apple cake the size of your face.
  I should've gotten a shot of its height, it's like two inches tall! The perfect birthday splurge.

Then I was whisked away to the Getty museum, where we took a not-so-architectural tour and got some gorgeous views of the city.

Dinner was at the delicious Umami Burger, which I gobbled up without a second thought.

  My silly husband then whipped out my gift, a pair of the most beautiful brown leather boots in the world, that I've already been wearing for a month now! We bought them when they were on sale (thanks to my sister Lacey's expert shopping skills for finding the rare boot sale), and he put them back in the box, wrapped them, and brought them to dinner so that he could properly give them to me for my birthday! Lol. A silly and sweet husband :)
I was wondering why I didn't see my boots this morning..!

We ended the night with Diddy Riese, a shop in Westwood that sells ice cream sandwiches that are oh-soh-scrumptious.
Chocolate chip walnut cookie-strawberry ice cream-M&M cookie. nom.

Sunday morning I opened all of my gifts from my family. I loved all of them. They definitely know me.
Never has a saying been truer.

We relaxed, realized we didn't have any sort of sweet to stick a birthday candle in, so we piled up some yogurt-covered pretzels (a Norrey favorite) so he could sing happy birthday to me.

Oh yes, he also fed my sushi addiction. The things I would do for a crunch roll..

I felt so loved by my family, friends, and husband. The greatest gift was seeing how much work my husband will put into something to make me happy.

P.S. Thank you for all of the great friends who wished me a happy birthday. My phone was constantly lit up with your love <3

P.P.S.I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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