Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh Soh Thankful.

 Christmas is by default my favorite holiday, (Noelle. Contractually obligated.) but Thanksgiving is officially my close second!
I've been looking forward to this Thanksgiving weekend for months! My mom and I made a deal: she buys the ingredients, I make the dinner. Everybody's happy.

Torrey and I came down the night before to a barrage of wiener dog love.
The purest of love.

 I spent all day happily cooking, while my mom kept making sure that I was doing this out of free will.  They couldn't believe that I actually enjoyed cooking all by myself, but that's my favorite thing! The kitchen is my sanctuary. 

Dinner turned out perfect.

I make the BEST apple crumb pie, if I do say so myself ;)

 The next few days Torrey and I vegged out on the luscious leather couches that I've logged years of napping on, switching between Food Network and football games ( I miss you..) and walking the dogs!


New best friends!

Baloo latched onto Torrey. We think he declared us as his substitute parents, and followed us around the entire time.

And we made it on the wall! I love our gorgeous wedding photos, so I'm glad my mom go them up quick! They sit right over the kitchen table too, so we can look over everyone while they eat (seems appropriate!).

sister wall <3
  Thanks to Pintrest, I made the cutest wreath! It's not fully done, but I couldn't resist putting it up! My mom is was glad to see I've got some craftiness in me (she's the craftiest crafter on the planet). Finishing it this weekend for sure.

 I was so sad to leave Murrieta. I miss seeing my family all the time, but I'm lucky they live so close! Now I'm in full Christmas mode. Watch out Santa..Noelle's coming!
P.S. Reminiscing of last year's Thanksgiving in New York. Visiting my sister, eating the greatest food on the planet, and running around with this guy
How time flies :)

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  1. What a nice post! So glad your family has someone who will cook them Thanksgiving dinner! Haha! It was great to see you and Torrey at church! You are an adorable couple!


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