Monday, October 24, 2011

Two Months Update.

.Some great date nights.
fishhh tacoooos.
Drawing me a unicorn at Macaroni Grill
.Midterms. Bleh.
.We bought a couch! We needed one badly, because all we had is a chair, and anytime we wanted to watch a movie together we had to move out the chair and sit on the ground. It's the cutest little Ikea loveseat that is literally just for two. It fits perfectly into our tiny home :).
.We did session at the LA temple for the first time as a couple. Man, it is HUGE, especially compared to our tiny Newport Beach temple.
.Umami Burger after the temple. There are no words to describe its perfection.
.Torrey bought Arkam City, some new Batman video game with his leftover birthday money. This means I am now married to Batman, who will leave in a few weeks, when the game has been beaten.

 My mom's birthday was this month, and I got her the cutest gift. 
They're salt and pepper shakers! She loved them :)
.I've got Thanksgiving on my mind! I will be testing new recipes out on the Mr. all month long. There is some experimental pumpkin bread dough rising in my kitchen as I blog! I'll let you know how it goes. ;)

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  1. Those are sooo cute! I bet she totally loved them!


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