Friday, August 5, 2011


This past weekend we drove up to Torrey's hometown of Toquerville, Utah for an engagement party his parents were throwing for us. We're getting so close to our wedding date!
The king of his domain :)
We arrived at his parents at 2 or 3 in the morning, and woke up ready to explore the Southern Utah landscape. Torrey wanted to take me out on the family ATV to show me some, since I've never been on one before, so we headed to Toquerville falls. We saw some beautiful landscape and views, and decided to climb one last hill to see the view before we headed back. Climbing up it, we realized too late that it was too steep for the two of us, and the ATV flipped backwards.
We are so so blessed. The ATV flipped over the both of us and rolled down the hill into an old tree, and we got away with only bumps and bruises from falling off. Torrey was able to flip the ATV back over and we were able to meet his parents to take the ATV back. I had hit my head a few times on the fall, so Torrey and his mother took me to the Instacare to make sure I didn't have any complications from hitting my head. I'm so glad we weren't hurt any worse. We had angels watching over us that day.

All of Torrey's six siblings and their families came down for our engagement party, the first time they've all been together in years! We had a family barbecue Friday night, and family lunch on Saturday. All I could say was "You have so much family!!" My family consists of my parents and my three sisters, my brother-in-law Seth, my Grandma Nancy in Hawaii, and my Grandpa Ron and Grandma Lilly in Missouri. That's it! No cousins, no nieces or nephews, so learning how to be apart of such a large family is something completely new to me. Torrey is so happy when his family is together, and I'm learning why. There is so much warmth when everyone is together, sharing, enjoying each others company, so great! Plus I have the most adorable future nieces and nephews EVER, I'm excited to be their Aunt Noelle!
Saturday night was the engagement party, completely put on by Torrey's mother and his family. It was great! Torrey's brother Mark created a beautiful slideshow for the two of us, and I got to meet some wonderful people that were apart of Torrey's life. And my dad came! I loved having him there. It was a great start to our wedding festivities, despite us trying to kill ourselves :) I spent the majority of the weekend quietly healing and napping, while my caretaker Torrey checked on me constantly, but I'm glad for the experience. It's brought us closer together, and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...BUT no more dangerous activities for us, at least not until we are sealed for time and all eternity!!
<3 <3

15 DAYS.

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  1. Noelle!! So cute!!! Welcome to the Family!!


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