Sunday, August 28, 2011


And it feels so good. The wedding day was so great, so many wonderful friends and family that made it happen. And off to the honeymoon! We went on a 4-day Carnival cruise to Catalina and Ensenada, Mexico.
We slept, we ate, we relaxed. Much needed after all the grey hairs we got from wedding planning.
We loved our tiny little cabin.
 It was on the bottom part of the boat, so we could hear the water slosh against the boat as we slept.

Killing zombies with intensity.

 Catalina consisted of a tandem bike ride (why did I not get a picture?), delicious treats, and enjoying the view!

There was a waffle underneath those strawberries..somewhere..

In Ensenada we went to La Bufadora, one of three natural blowholes in the world, and the swap meet behind it.

mmm..cow hoof juice..
Best part? We had the greatest. tacos. ever. at this little taco shop in the swap meet. Never will I have a fish taco so scrumptious again.

nom nom nom..
Our favorite part of the whole trip was the time we spent on the boat! We just laid in our bed, ordered room service, watch movies, napped, hot tubbed, napped, and ate as much as our stomachs could possibly hold. We needed our little break from reality, but now we've got to go back to the real world :( Torrey's gotta get back into his 40-hr weeks before he leaves for drill next month, and I skipped the first weeks of school for the honeymoon, so hopefully I'm not too far behind! We will see..

PS. Best best thing on the boat- Every night the person that cleans your room leaves a towel animal! Our guy made them increase in difficulty everyday. I would practically run to the room to see what animal I got. AND we took the towel folding class..because we are that awesome :)
Walrus. First and favorite :)

Tuffy the Titan!



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