Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Engagement memories.

.:Being engaged on the down-low. Torrey was working overtime in order to afford a nice ring, so we were secretly engaged for like a month. We would whisper wedding plans with Megan and lie to friends:.

.:The proposal. Duh! Couldn't say yes fast enough:.

.:New York City. and the millions of memories from it:.

.:His and her iPhones. Enough lovey-dovey emoticons to sink a ship:.

.:Bridal shower #1. Megan slaved over every detail to make it perfect. It was:.

.:Buying his ring in downtown LA."I hope she mails it..":.

.:Almost married friends:.

.:Marriage license. Love how proud he was. Love him:.

.:Saying "we're getting married" to each other in disbelief a billion times:.

.:Moving. We have great friends to help. I had everything organized in labeled boxes,Torrey hadnt even taken the sheets off the bed. Opposites:. 

.;Almost crying realizing I had an entire kitchen just for me to cook for Torrey. The only way I know how to show my love. He told me he wasn't hungry once, of which I took as "I don't want any love from you.":.

.:Tracking etsy packages everyday all day. I'm having an etsy wedding:.

.:Toquerville. Almost dying, realizing we can't live without each other:.

.:Bridal shower #2. My mother and all the women in my ward that I grew up in. They were so happy for me. They really are my family:.

.:Ikea. Took a kid to a candy store. No man on Earth loves putting up shelves more than mine:.

.:Patriarchal blessings:.

There aren't enough minutes in a day that I could spend with him. That's how I know.

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