Monday, July 11, 2011

Whole Foods Heaven

We know of Whole Foods as the place the Top Chef contestants go to shop for ingredients for their challenges, but never have I seen one in person. There just so happens to be one on my commute home from work, and SUPER close to where our new apartment is!! I stopped by to check it out and..
I now know what Heaven is like. It's ENORMOUS, and has EVERYTHING. I came in to pick up some granola, expecting a few different varieties that you wouldn't get at an average grocery  store. THIS is what they had:

Who knew there were so many varieties of feta??
SO many varieties, it took me a good 10 minutes to pick one! I wondered around for a good half-hour in awe, I have never seen a grocery store like this! There was a smoothie bar, an Asian Bar, and a Wine-tasting section, each of which you can order food at that they cook for you right there!They were like three mini restaurants within the store! And then every good grocery store has a meat section with a butcher right? Well, Whole Foods has that, along with a cheese guy, and a fish guy! There was a salad bar, two olive bars, a FETA BAR, and a bar of just really good food they decided to make that day (the day I went had handmade samosas! drool...). Sorry for not taking too many pictures, I was supposed to be in a hurry, but I will be coming back here so so often. I can't wait to move! I think even when I don't have money you'll just catch me outside drooling..

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