Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Ring

I just want to take a second to drool over this thing.
I absolutely love my engagement ring. It's so SIMPLE, probably about as simple as it gets, but I love it just for that. No fuss, just beautiful. Torrey knew that I preferred a better quality diamond rather than size, and RESEARCHED everything there is to know about diamonds, talked to the Ben Bridge sales people for hours, consulted my mom (the world's leading jewelry expert), and worked countless hours of overtime in order to get me the right ring. My diamond is so clear and bright, and sparkles at me all day. I love having it where ever I go, it's a beautiful reminder of how much this man loves me. Go ahead, ask him anything about it, he'll tell you the cut, color, clarity, and why he chose this diamond in particular. Now he's a diamond expert, which I'm sure come in handy throughout our future marriage :)

48 DAYS.

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