Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seal A Husband.

Happy Father's Day!

I love my dad. He loves his wife and daughters unconditionally, and works hard everyday to support them. All of us daughters hate our dad when we go through the dark teenage tunnel, but he has always made a point of letting us know how much he loves us. Every Valentine's Day he gives my mom a bouquet of flowers and a large box of chocolates, and each daughter a mini bouquet and a mini box of chocolates, and makes sure to always tell us how wonderful our mother is. He has shown us what a husband and father should be. 

Torrey and I drove to my parent's house in Murrieta yesterday so that I could cook my dad dinner as his Father's Day gift. My mom had been cleaning out the closet and ran into my "Seal a Husband" can that I made in Young Womens. It was the idea that our leaders had to have us write notes to our future husbands, and seal them in a can among other things, to open when we are sealed in the temple. (Get it? "seal a husband??" ahaha..)

We're engaged, close enough! So we opened it!

 There was a picture of me photoshopped in front of the San Diego Temple, a list of my Young Women's leaders (so I could send them wedding invitations lol!) A poem, a questionnaire about what I want out of my future husband, and a note to my future husband.

Families are Forever 

I gave Torrey the note, and we were surprised how fitting it actually was! I had wrote silly things like 'you must be really cute!' but I described what he must be like because I would be looking for those traits, and some really specific things it would take for me to find him. SPOT ON. When you make these sort of things as a youth, you don't really think about the end result. I'm glad my leaders took the time to make these cans for us, because it is something that I can truly charish now.

Oh yah, and at the bottom of my can:

 None of us, including Dad, have any idea how he snuck that in there! We laughed, and my Dad is thrilled that I ended up following this tidbit of advice (Riverside County, CA mission :D). Mackie has a can too, so will have to wait a few more years to see if he snuck one in hers too!

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