Monday, June 27, 2011

No Turning Back!

Some things we've done lately have made this marriage thing all super real:
-Signing the lease. We did this a while ago, but I move into our new apartment in Tustin July 22nd. That's less than a month! I've gotta start packing!
-Family Plan. Torrey took me to the Verizon store so we could get matching 714 area code numbers, torrey could get me an iphone!!! I got the pretty :) He already has the black, so I love that we have his and hers iphones.

He literally got this for me so that I would stop taking his to plan the wedding with. It still doesn't feel like mine, but I'm sure I'll grow into it! My favorite app so far? TRAFFIC APP. I avoided an accident that happened 5 minutes before I got to it, probably cutting my commute in half. Yeah, I could get used to that :)
-Photos. We picked a photo to send in our invitations, and printed all 300+ of them at Costco. Not to mention that I just sent our invitation design (which I love to death!!) out to be printed. Which did we choose? you'll see ;)

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