Sunday, June 19, 2011

New York

Gah! its been so hectic lately I havent even posted about our time in New York! I tried to shove everything into one post, so here we go..

Central Park::
My absolute favorite part of New York. Its so beautiful and peaceful, and there's so many things to do! Our first Sunday there we spent part of the day lying on a blanket in a quiet spot by Turtle Pond, just talking and relaxing.

Torrey owed me a rowboat ride (last time we were there it was closed!) so we made sure we made time for it. It was the PERFECT day for a relaxing boat ride, such wonderful scenery.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to take the majority of our engagement pictures here. New York and especially Central Park have special meaning to me and Torrey, because it was where we first started dating. So far the pictures we've seen are BEAUTIFUL, and something that we will keep forever. Dielha was great to work with, I can't wait to see all of them!

Financial District:: 
For some reason we had a ton of fun here! We ran into Soul Daddy, the restaurant that won America's Next Great Restaurant, and just frolicked around a little :)

I'm sad because I want the giant anchor.

A giant mopping boat?
I wanted to go to Brooklyn for one reason : PIZZA. There is a show on the Food Network called The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and on it Ted Allen recommends Graziella's in Brooklyn as having the best pizza he has ever eaten. When Ted Allen speaks, I will listen. We walked across the Brooklyn bridge, and down through Fort Greene Park. I loved the feeling of Brooklyn. It had such a NEIGHBORHOOD feeling to it. It was a LONG walk, but completely worth it!  I expected the place to be packed, but we get there and..
EMPTY! It was us, one other couple, the chef and the waiter. We ordered the tomatoes and mozzarella appetizer and the Parmesan and arugula pizza that had Ted Allen's blessing. He takes our order, speaks in Italian to the chef chilling in the corner, who gets up and throws some wood into the fire as he gets our pizza ready. This. Food. Was. Amazing. Everything was so FRESH, I couldn't believe how delicious it was!! I ate in a solemn silence, recognizing that this will actually be the best pizza I will ever eat! Highly highly highly recommend.

Tomato and Mozzarella appetizer. =)

Wood-burning oven!!
Times Square/Columbus Circle:: 
Home base for us when we couldn't think of what to do. Just walked around and enjoyed the sights!

Torrey wanted to go to this neighborhood just to see what was there, and I was being a butthead. It was getting hot, and I  didn't want to walk anymore. I told him that I would go, but I didn't want to because I KNEW I wouldn't find anything I'd like there. Then I ate my words, when we ran into this :

It was Chelsea market. An indoor farmers market that had tons and tons of different bakeries, restaurants, and specialty stores! Aw man, there were so many great things to eat in here! We ate at a Milk Bar, and walked out with a green apple-flavored sorbet.

There's apple in my sorbet!
They are making bread so that I may eat it!

I loved every second I was there. We had so much fun just walking, shopping, relaxing, discovering the city. I hope we will find out way back soon.

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