Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can we live here please?

If anyone would like to send donations to the "Noelle and Torrey Run Away to New York" Fund, please let us know! We love it here! We have only been here for a few days and have done so much already! We wake up, eat breakfast, and WALK. We've run into some cool fountains and parks,

hit Times Square,

and a personal favorite, Central Park

so handsome!
slipping into a Shake Shack coma
...oh and the FOOD? Haven't even scratched the surface! While walking, the three of us ran into this:

Um,  a mini food fest of New York restaurants showing off they're great food for cheap?? YES PLEASE! I had a pizza from Romano's Pizza, they had an on-site wood-burning oven! The crust was thin and oh-so-flaky

Portable wood-burning oven!

 We've had delicioso street gyros while shopping. mm-mm-good!
Theres so much more. I've gotta start posting it all soon!

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