Monday, May 30, 2011

New York Flight

Torrey, our friend Megan, and I were lucky enough to travel to New York for a well-deserved vacation!! We had to work hard to get there though! Torrey's cousin was sweet enough to get us stand-by tickets at an amazing price, but our mistake was trying to fly out of the tiny Long Beach airport on a holiday weekend. It took us missing two full flights Thursday night and Friday morning before we had to have our tickets transferred to LAX, where they had more open flights. Oh man, we were so relieved when we sat down in our seats! Lesson learned: fly out of LAX. They were able to seat us no problem, even putting me an Torrey together, and  we scored the "even more legroom" seats!

Megan was close by, and the man we sat next to was super cool. I love flying, and all of the 5-hour flights to Hawaii as a kid made this one not a problem. Had a Fruit Ninja tournament,
(If you look closely he's playing Angry Birds)
ate these odd chip-shaped popcorn things,
and watched Step Brothers until we landed in JFK. Torrey and I are here until June 6th, and I've already got a million pictures and tons of stories to blog about! I hope I can find the time to blog all this down!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hooray for a blog! I've decided that I need to create this blog so that I can document my new and exciting life with future-husband Torrey! Our lives are moving at the speed of light, and I'd love to share all of the details for our friends and family. So here goes nothing.. <3
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